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This webpage contains the more detailed and technical information on the SEQ Ecosystem Services Project and Framework. This 'Quick Index' provides you with quick access to the relevant reference documents and tables underpinning the Project and Framework. More specifically, for those looking to apply the Framework, this webpage provides quick access to supporting material you might require. Relevant documents include:

Published articles on the Framework

Please contact us should you require assistance accessing these articles.

- Maynard, S., D. James and A. Davidson. 2010, The Development of an Ecosystem Services Framework for South East Queensland., Environmental Management,

Maynard, S., D. James and A. Davidson. 2012, An Adaptive Participatory Approach for Developing an Ecosystem Services Framework for South East Queensland, Australia., International Journal of Biodiversity Science, Ecosystem Services & Management,

- Petter, M., S. Mooney, S. Maynard, A. Davidson, M. Cox and I. Horosak. 2013, A Methodology to Map Ecosystem Functions to Support Ecosystem Services Assessments, Ecology and Society 18(1):31. [online] URL:


Information supporting the Framework

- Glossary

- Ecosystem Reporting Category Maps: data layers

- Ecosystem Function Maps: data layers

- Specifications of the Framework

- Expert Panel Scores - Relativity Comparison Tables

- Regional Ecosystem Look Up Table

- Monetary Valuation Techniques

- List of Participants

- Reference List


Supporting material on applying the Framework

- SEQ Ecosystem Services Project - Information Paper

- Policy and Planning and the SEQ Ecosystem Services Framework

- Local Government Guidelines to Incorporating the SEQ Ecosystem Services Framework

Moreton Bay Regional Council Report 


The 4 key Components for Assessment and their constituent parts can also be quickly accessed by clicking on the links below. 


Ecosystem Reporting
Ecosystem Functions Ecosystem Services Constituents of
Deep Ocean
Coral Reefs
Rocky Shores
Coastal Zone Wetlands
Palustrine Wetlands
Lacustrine Wetlands
Riverine Wetlands
Sclerophyll Forests
Native Plantations
Exotic Plantations
Native Regrowth
Native and Improved Grasslands
Shrubland - Woodland
Moreton Island
Bribie Island
North Stradbroke Island
South Stradbroke and other Bay Islands
Sugar Cane
Horticulture - Small crops
Horticulture - Tree crops
Other Irrigated Crops
Hard Surfaces
Parks and Gardens
Residential Gardens
Gas Regulation
Climate Regulation
Disturbance Regulation
Water Regulation
Soil Retention
Nutrient Regulation
Waste Treatment and Assimilation
Biological Control
Barrier Effect of Vegetation
Supporting Habitats
Soil Formation
Raw Materials
Water Supply
Genetic Resources
Provision of Shade and Shelter
Pharmacological Resources
Landscape Opportunity
Food products
Water for Consumption
Building and Fibre Resources
Fuel Resources
Genetic Resources for Cultivated Products
Biochemical, medicinal and pharmaceutical resources
Ornamental Resources
Transport Infrastructure
Air Quality
Habitable Climate
Water Quality
Arable Land
Buffering Against Extremes
Reduce Pests and Diseases
Productive Soils
Noise Abatement
Iconic Species
Cultural Diversity
Spiritual and Religious Values
Knowledge Systems
Aesthetic Values
Effect on Social Interactions
Sense of Place
Iconic Landscapes
Recreational Opportunities
Therapeutic Landscapes
Physical Health
Mental Health
Secure and Continuous Supply of Services
Security of Person
Security of Health
Secure Access to Services
Security of Property
Family Cohesion
Community and Social Cohesion
Social and Economic Freedom
Self Actualisation